Lump Coal 10 (Bag)


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Use this natural, realistic product to model coal loads and piles. Use for any scale and apply with Scenic Cement™.
10.8 cu in (176 cu cm)

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Adding model coal is an easy way to make your model steam locomotives look more realistic.

It looks a lot better than the usual moulded plastic ‘coal’ load that comes with the model. It can also be used to enhance the realism of your coal wagons, coal lorries and coal yards. By adding the coal yourself, you can make every steam locomotive in your fleet more individual.

You can also recreate the prototypical mix of coal in the tender or bunker. A good fireman will rake the larger lumps of coal to the front and leave the smaller lumps at the rear. Don’t forget to add a few lumps of coal outside of the coal space to represent the inevitable coal spillage that occurs when loading the tenders with coal.

Use a photo of the real thing for reference. If you don’t want to use real coal, this natural, realistic product from Woodland Scenics is excellent. Whatever type of coal you use, it can be fixed in place with WS191 Scenic cement, dilute PVA or even matt varnish.

The bag contains 10.8 cu in (176 cu cm).