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Tacky wax 28g

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Tacky wax 28g

There is nothing more infuriating than trying to place a screw into a tight space when reassembling anything that is held together with small screws.

Whilst some cross-head screws may be a tight fit on the screwdriver blade, it is often the case, and slotted screws are even worse in this respect!

Help is at hand when you have this product from Deluxe Materials on your workbench. Simply dip the screwdriver blade into the Tacky Wax and, hey presto, the screw will stick to the screwdriver blade allowing you to position the screw and then tighten the screw in one go!

Since only a minute amount of the Tacky Wax adheres to the blade, the 28g in the container will last a long, long time!

It can also be used to position and hold small items semi-permanently, for example model people, allowing you to easily change them or remove them from time-to-time.